Color Coded: What Your Favorite Colors Say About You

September 16, 2018

Color Coded:  What Your Favorite Colors Say About You

Ever notice how your favorite pair of shades tend to match many of your go-to sneakers, fashion accessories, and wardrobe combos?

Well… I’ll give you a few moments to think about it.

Ready? Okay. Great!

Having just blown your mind and all, I realize that it may be too-much-too-soon by asking you to put your thinking cap back on - but I’ll do it anyway.

I’m hoping it’ll come in handy as you follow along with this short, yet fun exploration of how colors play a pivotal role in our choice of fashionable accents and accessories.

Yes, it’s been discussed ad nauseam how colors can express a mood, or a fleeting point of view in how we see the world around us. Here, we’ll be discussing and sharing a few cool examples of how color psychology subconsciously transmits, not so much what we’re thinking, but individually, how we’re thinking.

Ladies and gentlemen… It’s time to show your true colors.

But before we do – here’s a FUN FACT.

Did you know that we (humans… not animals… cause… that's weird) see in three primary colors?  Red, Blue and Yellow


The supplementary colors that we see are simply a fusion of primary colors. In other words, when you see black, you’re really seeing a combination of red, yellow and blue.

Apparently, the scientist at Glad (food storage containers & trash bags)experimented with this little nugget years ago… and we never stood a chance.


Is blue your favorite color? Chances are you’re a Jay Z and Beyonce fan.

Wait… wrong article (but isn’t she adorable?)

If blue is your favorite color, you typically evoke a sense of calmness, loyalty, and self confidence. When in a group setting, you more often than not come across as the leader of the pack. However, these frivolous labels mean very little to you, just as long as you’re surrounded by good people with good intentions.

THROUGH YOUR LENS:  You like to keep things in front of you, which is why you feel stability to be one of the more important aspects in life.


Where there’s a will there’s a wave.”



If yellow is your fashionista color of choice, you’re a bright, intellectual thinker. A creative with an energetic aura that isn’t afraid to inject a bit of wisdom into any situation. When in a public setting, you’re likely to start a conversation with an individual – 10 minutes later, your one-on-one conversation will have transformed into a group discussion – because you’re just so darn interesting.

FRAME OF MIND:  There is nothing more important to you than learning, which is why you… wait… HOLY $#*#*… Big Bird!

If the gods wore shades.”



Does a touch of purple constantly find itself somewhere within your wardrobe? Assuming you’re just not a Prince impersonator, this color typically represents a very unique individual. And who doesn’t like being labeled unique? Additionally, you’re both, artistic and sophisticated, which can sometimes come across as pretentious. (Although that’s probably due to you reading articles like this)

THROUGH YOUR LENS:  You wish that people could see the beauty in all things, including one another.

What life looks like through the right perspective.”



It’s not easy being green, but you sure do make wearing it look effortless. For many, Green is the color of spring. However, if you find yourself rocking it year-around, there’s a pretty good chance that you are an extremely positive, affectionate and insightful person. Quite candidly, these are just a few of the qualities that you possess as to why people genuinely enjoy being around you.

FRAME OF MIND:  Things only get better when you start living life to its fullest, which is why good things don’t just happen to you – you create them.


“The first and last pair of shades you'll rave about.”


For a deeper psychological examination into your subconscious, look no further than your wardrobe and accessories closet. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new pair of shades that “speak to you,” than check out the Woosh Sunnies and let the world know what you’re all about.

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