Brand Ambassadors


Woosh Sunnies is looking for creative,energetic and outgoing individuals who are active on social media and ready to showcase their unique personalities and sense of style to the world.

As a member of theWoosh Brand Ambassador Team, you’ll help spread awareness and generate buzz within your community and on social media.


What's In It For Me?

-CASH -15% commission.

-FREE exclusive Woosh merchandise, special incentives, and giveaways.

-SHOWCASED profiles and added exposure beyond your existing followers to grow your network.

-INVITES to upcoming promotional events &early release product

-EXCLUSIVE rep only product


How Does It Work?

You get your own personal discount code and link to share and when someone makes a purchase using your code or link you will earn 15% on every order! This program can be extra beneficial to you if you have a large social media following, are part of a fraternity/sorority (or any large organization), are good at sales or looking to get into sales, or just have a lot of friends that like rad shades!

As you make sales you will get free product on top of the cash earned!

Click HERE to apply for our Woosh Rep program. If we think you are a good fit for Woosh and our rep program you will be notified within a 2-3 days!


Are you a Woosh customer with a creative #hashtag? Post your Woosh merchandise with an awesome #hashtag, and if it goes viral, we’ll consider you eligible to receive FREE merchandise and a featured repost from us.

If the Woosh Sunnies Brand Ambassador Program isn’t for you, but you still want to show your support, simply follow and tag us @wooshsunnies 

The Woosh Sunnies Brand Ambassador Program is not a paid position. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, gender identification, color, religion, nationality, disability, marital status or any other reason prohibited by law. Woosh Sunnies reserves the right to select or reject any applicant. Only applicants who have been accepted into the program will be contacted. For further info or questions regarding the Ambassador Program, email us at