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Making a difference

You may find it a bit ironic that here at Woosh, we believe in full transparency; but nonetheless, we do.

Yes, from the very beginning we saw the importance of sustainability and taking responsibility in giving back to both, our communities and environment.

Which is why we have carefully chosen a collaboration with our nonprofit partner, 1% for the Planet. A rapidly growing international brand, 1% for the Planet is highly recognized and respected worldwide for reaching a broad base of like-minded individuals and businesses interested in the environment and sustainability. Their global network creates invaluable opportunities that makes environmental giving easier, smarter, and more accessible to all.

With their expertise, extensive network, and support, it is our goal to take more of a proactive approach to giving back to our planet and providing greater support for environmental solutions in need of increased support.

Here at Woosh Eyewear, we strongly believe that while doing what’s best for the environment, is doing what’s best for all of our futures. It’s merely a matter of SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE.

Charity banner Charity banner