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Hot sand, cool vibes, and a legendary party scene initially drew Woosh founder Loki to Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey as a college student. Hanging out and soaking up the sun, little did he realize he was moments away from a huge “aha!” moment that would change his life:
Green. Lens. Sunnies.

One glimpse at the amazing, stylish shades sported by his fellow beachgoer and Loki knew he had to have them. The problem was that his college student lifestyle - well, it came with a college student budget, too. Every pair of sunglasses he turned up online that night was either outdated and clunky or way too expensive.

Frustrated with fruitless searches for well-designed, trendy sunglasses without a heart-stopping price tag attached, he took matters into his own hands. Loki knew that there had to be others into the amazing styles that caught his eye that day on the beach. He started building the empire of affordable polarized sunglasses that same night - and it grew into the sensational site you’re browsing today.

When it came time to name his new brainchild, he remembered the day that inspired his entrepreneurial spirit. The sound of ocean waves lapping against the shore in a hypnotic, aquatic rhythm - the soundtrack to that first, amazing summer: WOOSH.