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A college student walks along a beach. No, it’s not the start of a joke. That college student just happened to be me, Loki, taking in the sights of people soaking up the sun, and tuning in to the sounds of waves breaking on the sand at Point PleasantBeach, NJ (Home of the Jersey Shore).

Little did I know I was seconds away from seeing something that would change my life. No, a Great White Shark didn’t rise out of the ocean and consume thirty swimmers in one go. This ain’t the movies. Nor did the woman of my dreams smile at me in a yellow polka dot bikini. Like I said, this ain’t the movies. What I saw… are you ready for this? What I saw was someone wearing the coolest pair of green lens sunnies I’d ever set eyes on.

Now don’t go belittling this moment. It was big. Really big. Because I wanted shades like those, but remember, I’m a student. I know great shades cost and well, let’s just say the pockets of my beach shorts weren’t exactly home to a colony of dollar bills.

I stood for a while watching more people walk by, listening to more waves come and go, thinking why didn’t I ask that guy where he got those sunglasses? Ended up going home and asking Google.

But the only shades of green Google came back with were super cheesy or super expensive. Some even managed to be both. I knew it had to be possible to find great looking sunnies in all sorts of colors and styles for an affordable price. And wouldn’t it be great if they were all for sale in one place?

According to Google, no such place existed. So I set about creating an online hub for high quality, great value sunglasses. And when I came to name the brand, I thought back to that moment on the beach listening to those waves coming and going, and there was only one contender, WOOSH!