Why Us

You’ll often find brands that are predicated on taking advantage of you being in the right place at the right time.  Or they’ll exploit your desire to keep up with the Jones, high-demand celebrities, or fashion trends; not realizing what’s most important:  You Being You.

Not us.  Nope, we’re not the biggest eyewear brand in the world, our sunglasses aren't made of futuristic moon rock, nor will they change who you are as an individual.  But, that’s the point.  We’re not trying to change you, your image, nor whom you are as a person. 

Our goal is to simply create an attractive, affordable and practical brand of sunglasses specifically made to cater to your sense of style (Yep… every last one of you), and without compromising on quality.

TRANSLATION:  Woosh sunnies are designed to help you ride your own wave. 

Each time you purchase a pair of Woosh sunnies, you can be assured that you are:

  • Investing in a pair of high-quality shades with superior craftsmanship, backed by our exclusive product warranty.
  • Not breaking the bank. Our sunglasses are affordable and priced in a transparent fashion. 
  • Receiving eyewear that features up-to-date polarized lens technology, providing you with a truly visually stimulating experience.
  • Making a difference by promoting smart environmental sustainability. A percentage of your purchase is given back to the environment through the collaborative efforts of our non-profit partners.  

Instead of asking “why us,” you should be asking “why not?”