March 28, 2019


Sunglasses are cool; you put it on for that time out with friends, that dope photo shoot, fun and recreations. There are various shades and frames of sunglasses according to individual’s choice. It really looks good on folks and portrays more of their elegance. But it will be very important to know that there is more to sunglasses than the prominent application.

In today’s world, we can be a little naïve a times and we get bored by too many details especially when it comes to fashion once we are looking very ravishing, we are fine. This is quite good but as much as we slay, we can still endeavor to update our knowledge about what we use. Fashion is a large word that has a lot under it. So many people have their different ways of expressing fashion or appearing fashionable. And also, so many imbibe different fashion culture and accessories just because it was used by a celebrity or an influential person as the case may be. This is especially common among the millennial and young adult.  We can ease our dogmatism and do a level of probing into why we use what we use. A practical example is cloths, irrespective of the type of cloth and the essence of the style one undying fact is that cloths are meant to cover our nakedness. Does that nullify the elegance and the attraction in nice cloth? Out-rightly no.

This is also applicable in the use of sunglasses, so many times the fashion essence of sunglasses has been heightened that its pertinence to eye health has been less spoken about. Inasmuch as they may be an appealing fashion accessory and could give completion to your gorgeous look, it is also very important in sustaining the eye health. Sunglasses should be worn for health and comfort and not only fashion. Looking at it from the health perspective, your eyes, eye lid and skin around your eyes should be kept from ultraviolet light. Also on the other hand talking about comfort, so many persons are quite sensitive to brightness and extreme luminescence. Therefore by normalizing brightness and glare, they will be at their best and enjoy comfort.

Sunglasses are very instrumental in protecting the eyes from harsh sunburns, aid in slowing down cataracts and the macular degeneration. Important information to pay attention to is that the skin around the eyes, the eye lid inclusive is one part of the body that is most susceptible to skin cancer. Apparently, using UV-guarding sunglasses is a preventive method to avoid skin cancer in that area of the body. In simultaneous explanation of the comfort aspect of sunglasses, it has been observed that polarized lenses stand very potent in prevent excessive brightness and wild light. So many things are done wrongly or not done at all because the individual is in discomfort and too much glare is one major discomfort experienced by many people across the globe. So using polarized sunglasses is a perfect remedy in this case.

In a more concise format, here are worthy reasons to wear a sunglass;

  • Ultraviolet Protection: Over the years, extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been found to be very deleterious. It has been recorded as a predisposing factor to eye defects like mild growth on the surface of the eye, photokeratitis that causes temporary vision loss among many others. In so many times, people have tried to remedy the situation by minimizing the effects of UV radiation using hats and caps, however this only shield the eye for about half the effects of the radiation but not completely. Sunglasses have been said to avail you with 100% protection from UV light.
  • Skin cancer:Skin cancer is gaining a rampant ground more than it was foreseen, and a part of it is the cancer of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes. As the day run by, this cancer is increasing in it victims and apparently having some effects on mortality rate. With sunglasses, sunburn and direct UV contact can be prevented thereby mitigating skin cancer.
  • Dark adaptation: This is also something very important but full attention hasn’t been paid to it. So many people find it hard adapting to night time or shades after spending little time in bright sunlight. It has resulted into many accidents during night driving. People who suffer this adaptation challenge can use sunglasses as a preventive means.
  • Comfortable Vision: Many times on a sunny day and in a luminous environment, so many people find it very hard to see. They suffer constraint from bright light therefore having to constantly strain their eyes for a proper vision.

While making a fashionable choice for sunglasses, it is also important to be aware of it health benefit in order to appreciate it better. Beyond the beauty pose, sunglasses are very beneficial to the eye health

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