Sunglasses that Changed the Course of Humanity

March 28, 2019

Top 10 Sunglasses

            Costuming in movie has a massive effect on how good a film really is, and we don’t think there’s anything better than the right pair of sunglasses to take a movie to a whole new level. These are the top 10 sunglasses that changed the course of humanity via film.

  1. The Blues Brothers(1980)

“Joliet” Jake Blues, the ex-con and surprisingly gifted R&B singer, made many of us wonder if maybe going to prison was the only way to obtain the sheer level of ~cool vibes~ he gave off. However, if we’re being honest, much of his allure came from the dark shades he wore throughout the movie. Only taking them off once, he made wearing sunglasses indoors cool all over again, and happened to consistently evade the law while doing it, only proving how durable a quality pair of sunglasses can really be.

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off(1986)

The movie that made all of us want to ditch school and join a parade also happened to create one of the more iconic styles that would stick around for generations to come. Driving through Chicago in a bright red, drop-top sports car, he was the embodiment of cool, and the sleek sunglasses only made it even better. This movie is timeless, and so are his shades.   

  1. The Breakfast Club(1989)

For generation after generation, this movie has perfectly captured what it’s like to be young, desperate for approval, and hopelessly awkward. Brian Johnson, everyone’s favorite nerd turned slightly more experienced nerd, also happens to have surprisingly quality taste in sunglasses. His dark, captivating shades only serve to make that first smoke a pivotal moment in coolness for generations to come.

  1. Fight Club(1999)

Even though the first rule of fight club may be not to talk about fight club, we need to talk about Brad Pitt’s iconic glasses. The soaps-turned-explosives maker has a vividly clashing apparel all tied together with wild glasses that only add to the fragmented look. And even though we don’t encourage you to start an underground fight club of your own, we hope we can all take a bit of inspiration from Tyler, and push the boundaries of style, one pair at a time.   

  1. Pulp Fiction(1994)

Before we even talk about sunglasses, this movie is an iconic staple in American film. But Winston “The Wolf” Wolfe, wears some impressive shades during the movie, perfect for the slightly shady (highly shady) character he portrays. Even though the sunglasses look generic, his overall intimidating and mysterious vibe bring new meaning to the shades and makes us all just a little uncomfortable watching him.

  1. Men in Black(1997)

The successful three movie franchise not only redefined alien movies for generations to come, but also gave birth to one of the final great trends of the 90’s. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones wore the singular coolest sunglasses of the decade, all while fighting off space monsters, and didn’t even get a scratch on them. Which, if we’re being totally honest, is almost as important as saving the Earth from alien invasion.  

  1. The Terminator(1984)

The movie that made every man feel a little too small and weak, this classic film not only gave Arnold Schwarzenegger his break out role, but also showed us just how menacing the right pair of shades can make anyone look. These bulky glasses can still be found today, but I don’t think anyone will ever be able to rival all the fear inducing robot-ing that occurred. 

  1. Top Gun (1986)  

Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell happened to be the singular coolest pilot of the 80’s. (or the history of humanity if we’re being honest) By bringing back Aviators in a way that only an actual aviator could, Mitchell and his thrilling journey could only be overshadowed by the sunglasses of a new generation, making runway struts and the singular best volleyball scene of all time rise to heights like we may never see again. 

  1. Skyfall(2012)

If you thought that James Bond was a dying franchise, the sunglasses sported by Daniel Craig in Skyfall may have made you think twice. His aviators were the perfect cross between historical Bond movies and the new generation, causing many women to ask their husbands if they’ve ever thought about buying a pair themselves. The perfect balance of suave and classy, these glasses are a style staple for the newest Bond lovers. 

  1. Leon, The Professional(1994)

Somehow a mid-90’s movie captured the very essence of the 2019 hipster scene in a singular pair of glasses. Leon looks as though he runs his own avocado themed art gallery and tells you that drinking coffee from Starbucks is “Giving in to corporate mind control.” Obviously most of these hipsters aren’t highly qualified killers, but nevertheless, Leon’s look has been a recurring theme in American society since the movie came out, sunglasses and all.  


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